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Scientific programme

Please click on the following link to open IMRET 12 detailed Scientific Programme (detailed program updated 02-07-2012).

Please note: at the bottom of this page, the Lists of Oral presentations and Posters have been updated on 01-12-2012.
The global scientifique programme is available as a one-page detailed table on the page "Global scientific program"

There will be more than 10 plenary and keynote lectures during IMRET12 to introduce major topics of this edition. 
A large number of oral communications and posters will allow many colleagues to present hot research results during the 3 days meeting with 3 parallel sessions.

Top level speakers, famous world recognise experts in the field will give their words to deliver the provisional lectures:
  • Plenary lectures:
Monday, February 20th:
"Micro fluidics and fundamentals" - Prof. Klavs JENSEN from MIT, Cambridge, USA
Tuesday, February, 21st:
"Continuous Flow Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Polymers and Nanoparticles" - Prof. Dr. Peter H. SEEBERGER from the Max Planck Berlin, Germany
Wednesday, February, 22nd:
"Process intensification in the fine chemicals industry: why, how, where to go ?" - Prof. Peter POECHLAUER from DSM Pharmaceutical Products, Linz, Austria
  • Keynote lectures:
Monday, February 20th:
CHEN Guangwen - University of Dalian, China - "Development of Microreaction technology from lab to industrial applications"
CHRISMAN Ray - Biopark Insubrias, Italy - "Utilization of Commodity Scale Process Analytical Concepts the Enhance Microscale Process Analysis"
GAVRIILIDIS Asterios - University College London, UK - "Multiphase Separations in Microchannel Devices"
Tuesday, February, 21st:
HESSEL Volker - TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands - "Factories of the Future: visions and advances - process design as 3rd intensification field"
KAPPE Oliver - University of Graz, Austria - "Flow Chemistry in High-Temperature/Pressure Process Windows"
KOLB Gunther - IMM Mainz, Germany - "Micro-structured reactors for distributed and renewable production of fuels and electrical energy"
MAE Kazuhiro - Kyoto University, Japan - "Fundamental Strategy of Microreactor Design and Processing for Mass Production"
SERRA Christophe - Unistra, France - "An intregrated and intensified polymerization microprocess: from monomer to colloidal suspension of polymeric nanoparticles"

  • Oral communications:
  • Posters

IMRET 12 chosen scientific topics illustrate the cross fertilization between knowledge driven activities and market push applications. Beside well recognized applications of Micro-Process Technology for material synthesis, energy, fine & commodity chemicals, food and personal care, we would like to encourage those still trying to push-back the frontiers of knowledge in mixing, micro-fluidic, kinetics, etc. to attend. Yet, with IMRET12, we hope to further contribute to building a bridge between the micro-process technology community with the fast growing field of “flow synthesis”. The field of process intensification is also very mature and this IMRET12 will emphasize the research aiming at coupling MPT with new mode of activation thus involving photochemistry, sono-chemistry and the use of micro-waves or plasma to achieve PI.
Last but not least, IMRET12 will also be the place to grape an overview on ongoing large projects (National, EU funded, etc.) dealing with compact plants activities and other strategic R&D related to micro-process technology.