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Papers submission

Thank you for all the scientific papers submitted and for your participation!

Scientific proposals had to be submitted online as from the submission form - available at the bottom of this page until end of July 2011.
Before submitting your scientific proposal, please read carefully the following information.

Have the text of your short abstract (500 characters – preferred format = text (NotePad) to copy/past in the field) as well as the abstract (‘210x297 mm’ A4-format, 2-page PDF file) ready before submitting your scientific paper online.

Please note that the submission online is definitive, no modification will be possible once you have performed the form by clicking on the “submit” button.

Please note that abstract submission is possible only electronically and for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7 and above or Firefox 3 and above. (The form cannot be submitted under Safari neither Linux).

Successful submission:
Once you have submitted your proposal by filling in the form, attaching the abstract and performing the submission, if your submission is successful, a PDF document will appear on your screen with the ID CODE of your proposal and all your given information.
You suggest to save this PDF document on your computer.
You will also receive an e-mail with all the details and information of your scientific proposal to confirm the successfull submission of your abstract. Please keep it carefully.
Opening of the papers submission:  5 April 2011
Abstract submission deadline:         31 May 2011
Extension of the deadline to submit: 29 July 2011
Notification of acceptance:             End of September 2011
Types of Presentation
Each presentation will be placed in one of the 10 topics.

There are 2 types of presentation:
     Oral Presentation
     Poster Presentation

Papers will be grouped by topic.
The oral presentation format allows for 20 minutes of individual presentation time, inclusive time for questions.
Two dedicated poster sessions will be held during the congress.

Instructions for 2-page paper submission
Each proposal should include:
a) A title (A maximum of 100 characters - spaces included)
b) A short abstract with a maximum of 500 characters - spaces included (about 90 words)
c) 5 keywords
d) A 2-page abstract as attached PDF document – A4-portrait format 210x297 mm - with a max. size of 2 Mb, including references, figures and tables.
If your file is too large, you should reduce the resolution of the images.

Templates are provided to help you in writing the 2-page abstract:

In any case, your abstract should look like the examples provided:
• For MS Word or Open Office users: IMRET12_Template.doc can be used
• Please respect the left/right margins, the character types and sizes indicated in the text and any other formatting option.
• Before submitting, you must convert your document to PDF like the IMRET12_LAST NAME_FirstName_Template.pdf
PDF exporting instructions: File name:
Once your PDF file is ready, please rename it using the following convention: SMITH_John.PDF, John SMITH being the corresponding author.
If John is prolific (i.e. submit more than one abstract to IMRET12 - which we appreciate gladly), his second abstract would then be SMITH_John_2.PDF, and so on.
Download the templates:
IMRET12_Template.pdf - REMIND : please rename your document LAST NAME_First Name.pdf